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Why sincera?

The word “sincera” means without wax. It originates from the world of sculpturing. If a sculptor chipped off too much, he would fix it his sculpture using wax. A sculpture without wax was perfect, without flaws. “sincera” therefore means getting it right the first time around.

sincera aims to “make the digital world a better place, one site at a time”.

sincera is a single-person business and there are no plans to change this.

Who is Rebecca?

I am terribly curious and while some might say this is not a virtue, it serves me well because I will ask endless questions in order to really understand the context of a problem before diving into discovering the perfect solution.  

I cringe, literally, when I see a company throwing away the opportunity to create a compelling user experience and I choose my bank according to whether I like their app. If I have to use an app multiple times a week, it better be good.

I am also the co-creator of the USERindex benchmarking score as well as the co-author of the Remote Usability Testing handbook.


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