Inge De Bleecker and I had often talked about writing a handbook for running remote usability studies documenting all the tips and best practices we have learned over the years. The issue was actually finding the time to do it. The aim of our book was to write a reference we could use ourselves but also to create a guide for UX researchers who are new to this exciting field.

We know that remote usability testing is not the be-all and end-all of UX research, but we believe it has earned its place among the various tools, and in the right situations, it has provided our customers with valuable insights that have helped shape their products globally.

So I am happy to officially announce that our book, Remote Usability Testing, is now available on Amazon and Packt Publishing for purchase.

We can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Hopefully, you will be as convinced of the merits of Remote Usability Testing as we are after having read it. If not, do contact us and let’s discuss.

P.S. We are so honored and grateful for all the kind words from all of you who have already gotten (and loved) the book. If you haven’t – be sure to grab a copy here 😉