Heuristic Review Checklist

Heuristic reviews are executed in order to evaluate how well a given website or application complies with accepted usability principles. The probably most used set of usability principles was developed by Jakob Nielsen.

The basis for this checklist was the catalog developed by the Usability and User Experience Community of the Society for Technical Communication which is based on those 10 principles.

Even though the catalog has been refined since it was first published, it does not contain all principles commonly used today. There is actually no one catalog that unites all the usability principles that heuristic experts test websites/applications against today. Instead, there are many sets which are not mutually exclusive and may overlap. The objective of this piece of work is to create a new, comprehensive catalog of usability principles which can be used by the heuristic experts.

This checklist is work in progress which will obviously never be completed as the capabilities of interfaces are constantly evolving but it is always useful as a starting point for any heuristic review.

You can download the file here

Heuristic Review Checklist