I regularly receive emails from my bank informing me that I have a new document from them:


Chère Cliente,

Nous vous informons que de nouveaux documents (signalés par le ) “Banque, Assurance” sont à votre disposition dans votre banque en ligne, dans la rubrique « E-Documents ».


The actual mail is about 10 times as long because it is followed by piles of disclaimers.


What are my issues here?

The e-documents are only available on their website (which has a very unusual and non-intuitive login process. I will write about this separately)

Remedy: unify these sections across app and website. The whole point of an app is being to access my banking information while on the go. You might say that I could use my phone to access the website but their website is not mobile-optimized.


I have two accounts with this bank and the mail does not tell me which one is concerned so after logging into the default account and checking whether the new document is here (which per Murphy’s law it never is) I switch to the other account and voila, there it is.

Remedy: list the last digits of the account the mail refers to in the mail


The email does not give the slightest hint as to what the document is about. You have to login to the website, select the right account and then expand each category section which has an unread document in order to find out which the email refers to.

Remedy: add the document category to the email eg there is a new document in Documents Administratifs

Try buying a laptop on the French Dell website with a QWERTZ keyboard (the French keyboard is AZERTY) and with an English language operating system. It’s not possible. Dell assumes that if you buy a laptop in France, it is because you are French and want all things French.

But .. you can call their customer service and they can configure the laptop exactly as you want it (why not offer this to your customers too, then?). I will skip the part where the customer service representative first entered my order with a French keyboard and French operating system even though I had specifically stated what I wanted and that that was why I was calling instead of using the website and skip directly to where my order got flagged as fraud because I was using a German credit card.

So, the following scenario creates red flags at Dell: a European citizen living in France using a German credit card and purchasing an English language operating system.

To understand today’s whine, you need to know that before making a transfer to a new beneficiary ie someone you have previously transferred money to, you need to add the new beneficiary and then wait 48 hours.


The path to adding a new beneficiary is:

Open menu

Select effectuer in virement

Swipe through all existing beneficiary

Select last item which is Ajouter un beneficier


So, recapping, I need to first create the beneficiary and then wait 48 hours before I can create the transfer. Why do I have to take the path of creating a transfer even though I know I cannot create a transfer.


Add a direct menu item to create a new beneficiary